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Trebuchet Catapults - Fully Assembled Working Model Trebuchets , Trebuchet Kits , Trebuchet Plans

Kind Words from Trebuchet Owners
Trebuchet Models , Kits and Plans by

I tried a few of the free catapult plans on the web with limited results, then finally ordered several  sets from Trebuchetstore . I did not believe the difference. Step by step, from shopping for parts to presentation, it could not have been easier. W.K. New Hampshire

We used the Davinci Trebuchet for Six Sigma DOE (Design Of Experiment) training with excellent results. By varying two factors : counterweight mass and release loop size, we were able to design and perform the experiment in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks. R.O. New Mexico

Thank you so much!  I didn't realize how quick it would be here.  I don't know who is more excited my son or myself! Merci. E.A. Canada

Thank you for your fast delivery and help. My students really enjoyed the Projectile Motion unit. W.C. Australia

The Da Vinci catapult is just GORGEOUS!  D.N. Tennessee

Tried a few catapult and trebuket plans on the web, but your 's were the most complete and easy to follow. A. J. Oklahoma

The catapult went together quickly....great family project. A.F. California

I  must admit, when my daughter calmly informed me that she had to build a catapult  for her school science project, I panicked. Thank you very much for the plans. Just reading through them put me at ease. I started thinking, "We can do this." And we did! H.N. Pennsylvania

...I wish to thank you on the speed on which my order was dispatched as it arrived this morning. This has given me plenty of time to finish my project, and once again I wish to thank you for helping me out. I wish you all the best in future business. A.G. United Kingdom

The plans were a breeze to follow. Your step-by-step directions work wonderfully.
D.C. Maryland 

It came today and it surpassed my expectations.  My son and I assembled it and it works great. 
Thanx  R.T. Maine

My AP Physics class loved the treb kits. Thank you for your help. E.S. Illinois

Simply beautiful.  C.T. California

...a very sound and accurate modelA.W. Texas

Fine work. The War Wolf completes my bookcase. M.F. Virginia

...a well thought out blend of history and function. R.M. North Carolina

Wonderful work.... the traditional materials make all the difference. J.P. Colorado

I could not believe it. The PlayStation tm was upstaged by the trebuchet! My son could not get enough. Merry Christmas. S.T. Washington

I just wanted to let you know how much my husband loves his Christmas present. It was all I could do to get him to the dinner table Christmas day! Thanks for your help in selecting the perfect gift. L.D. Maryland

As a Physics Teacher, I find your trebuchet to be an indispensable learning tool. Thanks. K.M. Ohio

Treb works great. When will you start carrying  full-size models? C.C. California

Thanks for your help with my order. This will certainly make a terrific surprise gift. L.D. Maryland

WOW--what a great item!!! Thank You so much! B.F. Georgia

Just a note to thank you for such nice work; my students and I will enjoy playing (...lecturing,
that is) with it soon. P.H. Georgia

The Stirling is the best yet. R.R.B. Arizona

Wonderful workmanship. Throws are very consistent. F.G. Utah

Since we started attacking each other, office productivity has decreased dramatically. Best office accessory since the Palm Pilot! Q.T. California

Awesome Treb! Thanks a million! J.K. New Jersey

I distressed the trebuchet and stained it with Danish oil. Looks great in my table-top layout. Very period.  S.D. Ohio

The treb is wonderful....... Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous service. M.H. New Hampshire

Thanks for all your help. I got an "A" on my Physics project! W.E. Arizona

No problems. Great item! K.R. Hawaii

Fast and smooth, the trebuchet is well built.  D.W. Pennsylvania

Hassle free, worry free, prompt delivery!  J.F. California

Thank you so much for the treb. My husband just loves it! B.T. Florida

WOW!! Great to do business with. The Trebuchet Rocks!!! P.D. California

Very very cool! Highly recommend every medieval enthusiast buy one of these  from you.  M.K. Pennsylvania

Fine piece of work. Many thanks.   J.H. North Dakota

I love this treb !  M.C. New Mexico

Great item! We haven't had this much fun in ages.  J.S. Washington

We have received our treb.  My husband is very pleased with it.  Thank you for providing such excellent customer service.  M.A. Kentucky

A functional and beautiful replica!!  K.S. California

     ...couldn't wait to get the treb home. Played, er, make that, experimented with it half the night. Materials and construction are top notch, the fitted joints and oak pegs make for a great detail. Excellent work. Bravo Zulu!!!    B.K. Rhode Island

     ...the package arrived today and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The packing was more than adequate and the craftsmanship is outstanding, but my wife is upset. Now she has competition for her collectable space! Please email me ASA the next series is available... R.R.B. Arizona

     I used the Trebuchet in class this week and I haven't seen the students  that attentive since the Fire Dept. came for a visit! It took plenty of abuse and kept on firing. It really holds their interest...    C.A. Georgia

     Received the treb in the mail and am very pleased with it. It works great and appears very well put together.   C.R. Arizona

     This thing is awesome!  Easy to build with very easy instructions!  My son  did great in his science project.  J.G.  Puerto Rico

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Do It Yourself Working Model Trebuchet Kit
Trebuchet Kit Shipping DIY Trebuchet

Side view of a working model trebuchet kit in the cocked position.
Trebuchet Kit
Item #TK
Shipping U.S. Orders Only
The trebuchet kit includes fully precut and drilled frame parts, pins and axles, sling cord and sewn pouch, projectiles and fully illustrated assembly and firing instructions. 

Unlike the flimsy, snap together plywood trebuchet kits, this all hardwood trebuchet kit does not require additional cutting, trimming or shaping.

This DIY Trebuchet Kit requires only white carpenter's glue and a few bar clamps (not included) to assemble.

Read More >

Fully Assembled Working Model Trebuchet
Trebuchet Shipping Fully Assembled Working Model

Side view of a working model trebuchet in the cocked position.
daVinci Trebuchet
Item # T4
Shipping U.S. Orders Only
Inspired by the great war machines and siege catapults of Leonardo da Vinci , this all Red Oak hardwood trebuchet features an open counterweight cabinet for range and trajectory adjustment. 

Fire with an empty counterweight for indoor use, or add weight (nuts, bolts, scrap lead, iron or steel, sand, or small rocks not included) for increased range.

Individually crafted from cabinet-grade red oak, the da Vinci Trebuchet stands 14 inches tall in the cocked position, 24 inches tall in the fired position and will hurl a projectile up to 60 feet. Includes six projectiles and fully illustrated instructions.

Read More >

Kind Words from Trebuchet Owners Trebuchet Models , Kits and Plans by

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